What we do

The "Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Unna – WFG" aims to control and accelerate the social and economic development in the district Unna. As the society of the district Unna, we are committed to the common welfare, and apply all our forces for all the people who live, work, and operate "entrepreneurial" with the best sense in our region.

We direct a sharp focus of our diversified task field toward the provision of attractive commercial areas- Here we plan, develop and market especially industrial and commercial areas fiduciary for the ten cities and towns of the district.

We ensure the well-being of our companies, so that the jobs are safe. We assist enterprises in their new settlement and in the development of a location concept. This includes the promotion of innovative technologies of global operating companies, as well as the promotion of technically small enterprises.
A supportive climate is the ideal breeding ground for the formation of new companies. That is why we operate an active and vital location marketing and are committed to a customer-oriented, as well as modern, employment policy.
While in a constant dialogue with the region's companies, educational institutions, authorities, departments, clubs, associations and municipal neighbors, we provide for as broad a consensus as possible – so that living and working in the district Unna continues to have a future.

Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Unna

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 19
59425 Unna
Postfach 20 22
59410 Unna

Tel.:02303 271690
Fax:02303 271490